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2 aAny more than he hates anybody else,
3 And so he wants you to have bConsolation too,
4 As long as you don't try to join the cPontifical Harrier Parish,
5 Which is good advice,
6 dBecause it is part of my job to protect the Pontifical Harrier Parish,
7 And I know how to do my job,
8 Better than you would believe possible.

1 Even so, it is your right to have Consolation for the fix you're in,
2 Just as it is the right of every Harrier to have Consolation,
3 Because you didn't ask to be born,
4 And you didn't make the world,
5 But you do have to live in it,
6 For as long as it lasts.
7 And I can assure you that Consolation makes it all a little more acceptable somehow,
8 eBecause it makes now special,
9 And that's a feeling you Kensingtonians have always known all there was to know about.

1 fConsolation will be coming to your neighborhood,
2 And so I ask you to remember what I have said,
3 And don't freak out when my boys come around,
4 Because they're not there to hurt you,
5 But only to give you your rightful Consolation,
6 At very competitive prices.
1 What's more.
2 There's another way for you to improve your lot,
3 Which is to join me,
4 And my gAngels,
5 Who you would like,
6 Because they are a lot like you,
7 And there's an awful lot of them,
8 Which means that no one will mess with them,
9 Especially all the Harriers,
10 Because they depend on us,
11 hFor Consolation.

1 I offer you the iTrinity of Harry,
2 To protect yourselves against the world and its new ways.
3 I offer you jConsolation,
4 To help you forget the world and the way it is ending.
5 I offer you a place among my Angels,
6 To give you the money to fulfill your desires,
7 To give you the certainty of an unassailable home,
8 To give you the power to blame without being blamed.
9 In return, I ask for the one quality you have that no one else has,
10 Anymore.
11 I ask for your guts.

1 Lend me your guts,
2 And I will give you the world,
3 Such as it is,
4 For as long as it lasts.