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6 And don't know when you're well off,
7 Like everybody else.
8 You see, the more like you they get,
9 The more they will hate you,
10 And the more they will pretend that they aren't like you at all,
11 Because they hate you.
12 And so their ahouses won't look like yours,
13 And their bcars won't look like yours,
14 And their cclothes won't look like yours,
15 dExcept maybe the clothes their children wear, which will make them hate you even more,
16 And their jobs won't be like yours at all,
17 Because most of them will have jobs, and they won't be on the line in some stinking factory, either,
18 And so a lot of them will also have a lot more ethings than you do, and nicer things at that.
19 But deep down,
20 They'll be just like you,
21 Except for not having your guts,
22 And that's not good news at all.

1 More and more, they'll talk like you,
2 fAnd use all the same four-letter words,
3 Even the ones who go to fancy colleges and think they're as high class as they come.

1 More and more, they'll think like you,
2 Meaning they won't really think at all,
3 gBut just react instead,
4 And they'll react a lot like you do,
5 Wanting to punish whoever it is that did the unforgivable thing,
6 No matter how small a thing it was,
7 Which is unimportant,
8 Because all that's important is vengeance,
9 And making somebody else pay,
10 hThrough the nose.

1 More and more, they'll be as stupid as you,
2 iAnd they'll stop learning anything in school,
3 Just like you,
4 And then they'll be jfree to make everything up to suit them,
5 Just like you,
6 kBecause there won't be any facts left to get in the way,
7 Which means that every time they screw up,
8 Which will be plenty,
9 They'll know right away,
10 Without thinking about it at all,
11 That it's all part of the same old conspiracy to keep them down,
12 And humiliate them,
13 And make them look bad,
14 lBecause when you're no damned good at anything at all, it's almost automatic to assume that everybody else is trying to make you look bad,
15 As you know better than anybody.