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33 Ever.

1 Yes, they're pretty acertain about you,
2 And all the things you'll never be,
3 Which is something you should know.
4 But there's also some other news that isn't quite as bad,
5 If you'd like to hear it,
6 bBecause they've also decided that nobody's any better than anyone else really,
7 For some reason,
8 Even if that's not the way they act when you pull up beside them at a stoplight.
9 But if you ever doubted it, remember that they're no better than you,
10 At all,
11 Which is why you shouldn't feel bad,
12 About being the way you are.

1 Besides, if you follow the Way of Harry,
2 You'll never have to feel really bad again,
3 cBecause the Way of Harry tells us that we're all fine just the way we are,
4 dWithout trying to improve ourselves,
5 Or be something we're not,
6 No matter who it hurts.
7 If it is your nature to be a vicious, ignorant animal,
8 eThen that is what you should be,
9 And never apologize to anyone for being it.
1 Even so, there are some things you can do to make life easier for yourselves,
2 As long as you remember to do these things without thinking about them too much,
3 Or trying too hard,
4 Which should be pretty easy,
5 Because most of these things have to do with not being too different from each other,
6 So that you don't attract too much attention,
7 fAnd get blamed because somebody noticed you,
8 Which is going to happen more and more,
9 As we shall see.

1 For example, it's pretty important that you all dress alike.
2 gIf you're a guy, you should always wear dirty jeans, with rips and tears and oil stains all over them, fixed so that they sit low on your hips and always show off the crack in your buttocks.
3 hAnd you should always wear T-shirts with some stupid or obscene joke on the chest,
4 And great big ugly boots, as if you were always on your way to a stomping party later on,
5 And long dirty stringy hair,
6 And as many tattoos as possible,
7 iAnd one of those baseball caps with some heavy equipment manufacturer's name on it.
8 More than this, you should always walk around with your mouth hanging open,
9 jAnd a dull dead look in your eye,