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1 aThe problem is that there are still a lot of teachers who tell lies,
2 Which is their job, after all,
3 But there are some things you should know before you commit yourself to doing things that are against your nature in any way.
4 The part about being respected is a good case in point; that's just not going to happen,
5 bEver,
6 Which isn't your fault exactly,
7 But it's the way things worked out.
8 Let me speak frankly about this.
9 Everybody in the world has already made up their mind about you,
10 And what they've decided is that you're no damned good at all,
11 To anybody.

1 Everybody knows you're a bunch of crude, ignorant, vicious cracists,
2 dWho'd rather have a good barroom brawl than accomplish anything worthwhile.
3 When they see you on the street in a nice neighborhood, their first desire is to get away from you,
4 Because you smell bad,
5 And because you look like a whole bunch of trouble just waiting to happen.
6 They look at you for five seconds and they think they can see your whole family tree, extending back for ten generations,
7 eAll the way back to wherever your ancestors came from,
8 fWhich they were probably kicked out of,
9 Because nobody anywhere ever wants anything to do with brutal, lazy, pig-eyed trash like you.
10 And so they have this gpicture of your ancestor getting off some boat from Glasgow or Belfast or Liverpool,
11 With a hbloody knife in his pants,
12 And a shifty look in his eye,
13 Because he's already afraid of the cops,
14 Who just might find that butchered corpse in the hold,
15 And come looking for the worthless brute that did it.
16 More than this, they have a pretty good idea of what happened next,
17 How your ancestor married some gap-toothed, half-wit hag,
18 iAnd had a bunch of screaming dirty children,
19 Who got savage beatings instead of love,
20 And got even by having children of their own,
21 For generation,
22 After generation,
23 jAfter generation,
24 kOf losers.
25 They look at lyou and see your mdaddy,
26 And your ngranddaddy,
27 And your ogreat-granddaddy,
28 And his pdaddy too,
29 qAll in prison,
30 For excellent reasons,
31 Not to mention a river of rrotgut booze flowing steadily through generation after generation,
32 While no one learns anything,