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15 "And explains why it is actually comforting to most people to know, without even thinking about it, that all our information comes to us from Harriers,
16 "Just like ourselves,
17 "Which means we don't ever have to think about what we see on TV or in the movies,
18 "Or what we hear on the radio,
19 "Or what we read in books or newspapers or magazines or press releases,
20 "Or anything else,
21 "Except maybe some of the straight talk you get about things,
22 a"And which ones will make you happy if you own them.
23 "Does that answer your question?"
24 "Well, bI do have one follow-up question..."
25 ...Which we won't get to today,
26 Because we're out of time.
27 But this has been great,
28 And please join us next time,
29 When our topic will be 'Who's Really to Blame for All the Unhappiness Experienced by Minorities and Women.'
30 It should be a real knockdown drag-out discussion,
31 So be there.
32 Bye-bye for today.

1 "Wouldn't you like to live on into your nineties,
2 "And stay young and beautiful and healthy and rich the whole time,
3 "And then go straight to heaven when you die,
4 "For all eternity?
5 "Well, forget it.
6 "Things don't work that way,
7 "At all,
8 "So you'd better wake up and smell the coffee,
9 "Unless you'd rather be a Harrier instead,
10 "Which you can do by sending just $19.95 to the Pontifical Harrier Parish of the United States,
11 "Box 1234,
12 "Philadelphia,
13 "PA.
14 "For this paltry membership fee, you'll receive an autographed color portrait of Harry,
15 c"And this stunning 'Sign of Harry' pendant on a genuine gold-tone chain suitable for wearing around your neck,
16 "For as long as it lasts.
17 "And that's not all,
18 "Because if you order within ten days, you'll also receive this high-quality Harrier bumper sticker,
19 "Beautifully printed with the words,
20 "'I ♥ Harry,'
21 "In two glorious colors.
22 "So order now,
23 d"And start making it better,
24 "The Harrier Way."