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30 "On the insane green killing grounds,
31 "Of the aWhite House lawn.
32 "In bWashington, D.C.!
33 "Coming soon to a theater near you."

1 We're back,
2 And ready to discuss our topic of the day,
3 Which is 'How to Spread the Word of Harry Without Really Thinking About It,
4 'At All.'
5 We'll be meeting our guest Harriers and getting into some really in-depth stuff,
6 In just a moment,
7 But first,
8 It's time for a few words from our sponsors,
9 So don't go away,
10 Because we'll be right back.

1 "W-h-o-o-o-o-sh!
2 c"Only a motorcar crafted in Germany can make a sound like that!
3 "Wh-o-o-o-o-sh!
4 "There it goes again: How many times are you going to let it pass you by?
5 "After all, how is everyone else going to know how much money you make,
6 "And what great taste you have;
7 "And what a manly man you are,
8 "If you're not at the wheel of the most expensive car made in Germany?
9 "Wh-o-o-o-o-sh!
10 "Doesn't it make you just sick with desire?
11 "Wh-o-o-o-o-sh!
12 "Can't you see that having this car would fix everything that's wrong in your life?
13 d"Women will beg you for rides,
14 "The best ecountry clubs will ask you to join,
15 "Your fpeers will turn green with envy,
16 "Because everyone you see will know that you are a Winner!
17 "Wh-o-o-o-o-sh!
18 g"The Good Life.
19 "Don't let it pass you by again,
20 "Because if you wait till you can actually afford it,
21 "You might wait till it's too late,
22 "When your chance at the Good Life has already passed you by.
23 "Wh-o-o-o-o-o-o-sh!"

1 "Nobody's thinking about it,
2 "But it's coming anyway,
3 "And it'll be here before you know it!
4 "What is it?
5 "It's the great new fall season on the Harrier Television Network!
6 "You say you like sitcoms?
7 "Well, we've got 'em,
8 "And they're just exactly like all the others you've always loved,
9 "Only more so.