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16 And almost weekly felonious Assaults by the aAnimals in their classrooms,
17 Even though Dick and Jane are so Above Average at what they do.
18 See Dick and Jane being Above Average?
19 Well, they would be if teaching could be made easier,
20 And didn't require so much of their Attention.
21 But nobody seems to be listening to their Arguments,
22 And Dick and Jane are starting to get Angry about that.
23 In fact, if we don't treat them less Atrociously,
24 They'll quit and go do something else instead,
25 Something easier and better paying and less Annoying.
26 See Dick and Jane go do something else instead,
27 And not do any more teaching,
28 At All?
29 What is the something else Dick and Jane are doing instead?
30 I don't know either.
31 bWhat could it possibly be?
32 Why, isn't that Astonishing?
33 They're still here,
34 But they're still Angry too,
35 And they're Absolutely Adamant about not putting up with any more Attacks on their Abilities.

1 B is for the Better life that Dick and Jane have a cright to,
2 Because they've earned everybody's respect,
3 And everybody can see how Beautiful a job Dick and Jane are doing at educating everybody,
4 Which shouldn't be too surprising,
5 Since Dick and Jane have a whole Bunch of dBooklearning.
6 See Dick and Jane looking Brainy?
7 What is it they know, exactly?
8 I can't quite tell either.
9 See Dick and Jane getting Belligerent?
10 They're not going to take this kind of Baloney anymore,
11 eBecause it's absolutely, positively not their fault that the little Bums learn less each year,
12 fAnd can't read a Book,
13 Or write anything but the kind of gBilge you see on Bathroom walls,
14 Or do even a tiny little Bit of harithmetic,
15 Or anything else,
16 Except iBeer and Barbiturates and jBackseat Biology, of course,
17 Which still isn't the fault of Dick and Jane,
18 Because how can you make the little Barbarians learn a Bunch of Boring kBasics when they know there isn't really any future,
19 Thanks to the lBomb and mBrezhnev and all?
20 Besides, how can you expect Dick and Jane to teach anything at all in such a Bourgeois neighborhood,
21 Where all the parents are so Busy Bickering about nBusing,
22 And oBanning the Bible,
23 And pBringing Back the Bible,
24 That they don't actually have time to Baby-sit the little qBaboons through their homework,
25 Because if you want to know the truth, they can't Bear the little rBastards either.