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16 Obviously.
17 Anyway,
18 He may not have been as popular as some of the other Ultra-Harriers,
19 aBecause there were a few people who thought he should have been more careful the day he escorted bFred home after the retirement party,
20 Although cVicki always defended him, and she must have known him pretty well, because I know for a fact that she helped him write a letter to the dKensingtonians to give his resumé a boost,
21 And eHarry seemed to like him a lot too,
22 Which is why some people even thought he had a shot at becoming fNumber One himself someday,
23 Especially after gWayne disappeared,
24 hBut then he disappeared too,
25 And the story was completely stonewalled by iNumber Two's office,
26 jWhen there still was such an office,
27 kAnd I, Willie, have never asked any questions about it,
28 lBecause I have learned my lessons well,
29 And when that many Ultra-Harriers get as angry as they were when Matt disappeared,
30 It's better not to ask questions,
31 And all I know about it for sure is that Matt is still remembered as a Great Ultra-Harrier,
32 In good standing.
33 And if I knew any more about it than that,
34 mI would keep it to myself,
35 Because I am still an Ultra-Harrier at least,
36 And I don't want to lose my ndiscount,
37 Or anything else of value.

1 As for me, oWillie, I have not had as spectacular a career as the other Ultra-Harriers,
2 Which maybe would have been different if even one literary magazine had accepted one of the short stories I wrote in college,
3 Which they didn't,
4 And maybe explains why I never finished my Great American Novel,
5 And went with Harry instead.
6 pBut not every Harrier has to be a big Success,
7 qAnd I'm trying to set a good example in my own small way,
8 By not really thinking about anything at all,
9 Or caring about anything,
10 Or taking responsibility for any of the things that are happening in my life,
11 rBecause it's easier to sit back and just let it all happen,
12 And arrange to be out of town when Mort or Vicki calls,
13 Because it's also important for each and every Harrier to recognize when another Harrier is better at Harry's Trinity,
14 And not to take a chance on getting squashed by them,
15 sEven if you're still kind of deeply in love with one of them for some reason,
16 Which is an important thing for everyone to know,
17 Especially all the tlittle Harriers,
18 Because the Way of Harry has come into its full glory now,