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10 Which got a lot of additional coverage when all the stars and featured players on the production checked into a drug rehabilitation clinic,
11 And ablamed Ira for what had happened to them,
12 Which wasn't their fault,
13 At all,
14 Because they were bartists,
15 And vulnerable to manipulative producers,
16 Which people accused Ira of being,
17 To the point where it could have ended his career,
18 Except that his old friend cJoe was able to supply him with enough cash to get financing for a movie about Joe's life,
19 dWhich got rave reviews for its honest and fearless exposé of corrupt religious institutions,
20 eUntil people started admiring Ira again for his lifelong convictions about social justice,
21 And invited him to take part in all kinds of celebrity fcauses,
22 Which turned out to be a nice consolation for everyone.

1 Meanwhile, gJerry was enjoying a very successful political career,
2 Based on a lot of great connections he made while serving as an hArch-Harrier in the mid-west.
3 In fact, Jerry wound up getting elected to several terms in the congress of the Most Chosen nation on Earth,
4 And became pretty much of a national celebrity when he conducted hearings into all the unscrupulous stuff that iSam was part of,
5 So that he got invited to give speeches about honesty in government to every club and fraternal organization in the whole country,
6 Which might have led to a jpresidential nomination,
7 According to some people,
8 Except for that unfortunate incident with the teenage son of his personal secretary,
9 Which made the headlines,
10 And led to additional charges concerning the kmillion dollars he was making each year in speaking fees,
11 Which is why it was so incredibly fortunate that his good friend lMort had some interesting information about the chairman of the committee that was investigating Jerry,
12 mSo that eventually, it turned out that all the charges got dropped when he apologized for the thing with his secretary's teenage son,
13 nAnd felt that he was kind of vindicated altogether when he was named to succeed the chairman of the investigating committee,
14 Who resigned and wrote a obook of his own, and then went on to become a plobbyist himself a year or two after the whole incident,
15 qWhich is a long long time in Harrier terms,
16 As every Harrier knows.

1 Mort was a huge success even though he didn't stick around to earn a bigger rbonus by taking a position in the Parish.