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30 As you proceed to carry out my instructions,
31 Remember this above all things:
32 If they want Consolation, they're going to have to abuy their ticket before the train leaves the station,
33 If you catch my drift.

1 And when Harry had finished instructing me, Willie, in what he wanted me to do,
2 He did likewise for the rest of the beleven,
3 Until we all knew what we were supposed to do,
4 And how we were supposed to do it,
5 Which is when Harry gave us the last word we would have from him for quite a while, saying,
6 Go then, my Ultra-Harriers,
7 And spread the cGood Word to all the people,
8 In every walk of life,
9 And as you go, fear not,
10 For my dAngels will go with you,
11 To keep and protect and comfort and console you,
12 Not to mention making sure you don't change your minds about participating in these egreat works.
13 Everybody fhappy?
14 I can't tell you how glad I am to hear it.
15 Ciao, my friends.

1 gAnd verily, all was done as Harry wanted,
2 And the eleven went out into the wide world,
3 In their hSilver Ghosts,
4 Armed with Harry's iTrinity,
5 And accompanied by Angels,
6 Who were also armed,
7 And started letting everybody know that Harry had come and gone,
8 But had figured everything out while he was here,
9 And had left a little something behind to help them get along from day to day,
10 Namely, jConsolation.

1 Of course, before going out into the wide world, the eleven met many times together,
2 And talked over their concerns,
3 Which they had some of,
4 kBecause it made them all nervous to have so many Angels around all the time,
5 And not all of them were completely sure that they could remember much of what Harry said,
6 lSince a lot of their time with Harry seemed like kind of a blur,
7 For some reason.
8 And besides, they had no way of knowing how the wide world would react to a whole bunch of mUltra-Harriers in Silver Ghosts,
9 And maybe they wouldn't be liked,
10 At all,
11 nBecause there was still a lot of talk out there about ideals and social justice and the rights of the disadvantaged and all that,
12 And so who knew what would happen?