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7 Until some of the crew began to think that he might be paralyzed with acrophobia or something,
8 Except that he suddenly laughed out loud,
9 At the top of his lungs,
10 And said to the statue, Truly this is my city, Billy,
11 And in a few years they will want to knock you off your clay feet,
12 And replace you with a statue of me instead,
13 Because the aQuaker heart of Philadelphia is only a memory,
14 With all its dreams of bpeace and cjustice and dtolerance and harmony,
15 Which were only stupid edelusions,
16 Because in spite of all your fine talk,
17 The fheart of Philadelphia is really just like mine,
18 And the beat of Philadelphia is really just like that of some third-rate bar band,
19 Which is gloud and obnoxious and hout of time,
20 And going absolutely nowhere at a frantic pace,
21 iBecause it's too hard to learn how to play music,
22 And so much fun to just make noise instead.
23 Yes, my great big heart goes out to every part of jPhiladelphia,
24 And all its great citizens,
25 Because from here I can see the browned-out lights of all their kneighborhoods,
26 lIncluding the Broad Streeters, and the Pennsylvanians, and the Brewers, and the Villanovans, and the Richmondites, and the Kensingtonians, and the Hillites, and the Manayunkians, and the Camdenites, and the Mainliners, and the Southlanders, and the Josephians, and the Templites, and the Boulevardiers, and the Textilians, and Passyunkians, the Cynwydians, and the Hahnemaniacs, and the Jeffersonians, and the Forgers, and the Prussians, and the Glensiders, and the Haysites, and the Jenkintonians, and the Museumites, and the Narberthians, and even the Hallites,
27 And all of them are mmine,
28 Before they even know who I am,
29 Because they will leap like trout for my nTrinity,
30 Which offers everything,
31 And demands nothing in return,
32 oWhich is a deal no other messiah has ever proffered the race of Mankind.
33 And then he said, in the dialect of his homeland, Such a deal! Bee-uty-full!
34 And turning back to the statue, he said, Want to jump down now, Billy?
35 Or do you want to go down the phard way,
36 Looking up at all the ugly new qmonuments to my way that will be built in the years to come,
37 Which will coldly condescend to you from a million plate-glass eyes,
38 rAnd a thousand faceless faces made of steel?
39 Then Harry turned suddenly back to the camera and said, Do you have enough footage?