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19 aBecause the man who says what people want to hear is always the wisest man in the world,
20 To idiots.
21 And then the followers were ashamed,
22 And began speaking loudly about how the bheart of Philadelphia was the greatest they had ever seen,
23 And how proud and happy they were to walk all over it,
24 And a bunch of other excrement like that,
25 Which made the people of Philadelphia very very happy,
26 And still they had paid no money for their happiness.

1 And again, there was no money of any kind charged by Harry when he went to visit the ccity's greatest university,
2 dWhich had been founded by the very same founding father who was the one responsible for Philadelphia's great Institute,
3 And when some of the followers complained about having to visit this great university,
4 Which was located in the middle of a ePhiladelphia slum,
5 Harry upbraided them, saying, Not every great university can be located in the middle of a fBoston slum,
6 Because some of them must be located in the slums of other gcities,
7 Such as this one,
8 And it might do you some good to see how others live,
9 Others who are less fortunate than yourselves,
10 If such a thing is possible.
11 But on this occasion, one of the followers was not inclined to be obedient,
12 And continued to argue with Harry, saying, "Have you not htaught us that we should serve our selves before any other? iAnd are we not entitled by your Way to remain at the hotel, and have ourselves served with room service, rather than visit this ivy-clad imitation of a great university?"
13 Several of the followers cowered, afraid that Harry would lose his temper,
14 Which he did occasionally,
15 But this time he simply laughed and replied, Never quote a man to himself,
16 Unless you want him to blame you until the end of his life,
17 jBecause no man who follows my way has any desire or intention to be consistent,
18 Especially when it comes to platitudes,
19 Which are not designed to capture great truths,
20 kBut to sound good,
21 For a moment.
22 Still, since you have brought it up, I will remind you that what I said to you about serving your self was somewhat different from what you remember, being,
23 No man can serve two masters: so I say to you, serve your self only.
24 Notice that this says nothing about the plight of the man who best serves himself by serving another master,
25 Especially if the Self in question has something to lose,