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12 aThe ones who think they are still thinking,
13 And who choose to believe in belief,
14 I say only this: You are the greatest bfools of all,
15 Because beliefs do not bring you life,
16 But death,
17 Because when you have a belief there is always someone who wants to make you prove it,
18 cAnd maybe even put your life on the line for it,
19 And there is no belief worth dying for,
20 Because whatever you believe, someone else has already died for it,
21 And what did it get them,
22 But an early grave?

1 All right.
2 I will go now,
3 And leave the stage to this plaster idol with his painted sacrificial wounds,
4 But before I go,
5 I ask you to consider why I have not been punished for my blasphemy?
6 Have I not stood here for most of an hour defying your god of dpain and guilt and sin?
7 And has he shown his displeasure through even the smallest sign,
8 Or blasted me from life with a ethunderbolt?
9 If he were right,
10 And I were wrong,
11 fThen it is I who would deserve crucifixion.
12 But which of us is stiff and lifeless on a cross?
13 And which is full of good gchampagne and a couple of pounds of truly great hors d'oeuvres?
14 I bid you adieu.
15 And then Harry stepped out of the pulpit and fell on his face in the aisle.

1 Immediately after Harry passed out in the aisle, the hfollower who had been listening to his words helped him to his feet,
2 And back to the hotel,
3 Where Harry islept for twelve hours,
4 And woke up refreshed and happy, calling for the jfollower who had carried him home.
5 When the follower had been brought to him,
6 Harry offered him a Bloody Mary,
7 And asked him what had transpired in the church,
8 Because Harry did not remember it very clearly.
9 When the follower had recounted all of what he could recall,
10 Harry began to laugh uproariously, saying,
11 kTruly, wine and religion go together,
12 A transitory madness that makes for many great ljokes,
13 And many great mpratfalls.
14 Then he urged the follower to think no more about what he had heard,
15 nBecause it did not matter,
16 At all,