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19 And we will send amissionaries in later,
20 To give them the great news about my bTrinity,
21 Which will help them a lot,
22 Or at least make them feel better.

1 Christmas happened in there somewhere too,
2 Because all the followers got nice Christmas presents from Harry,
3 Who put on a Santa Claus outfit and took the followers to a huge retail emporium right in the middle of downtown Philadelphia,
4 Where he capered all over the place, saying,
5 Ho ho ho!
6 Behold the almighty cgod of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth,
7 Who carries all the most desirable dthings in the world on his back,
8 In a great big sack,
9 eAnd will give them to you if you ask him often enough,
10 And loudly enough,
11 And give him a little milk and cookies once a year.
12 All the followers had a great laugh about that,
13 And sang some carols,
14 And then got utterly wasted on eggnog,
15 Until the store manager asked them to leave,
16 Which they eventually did.

1 There was also a day,
2 Which may have been a Thursday,
3 When Harry decided to go see the docks at the great fPort of Philadelphia,
4 Where cargoes came in from all over the gworld.
5 Harry spent most of a day looking at ships,
6 Especially the ones with Spanish names,
7 Which he explained, saying,
8 I used to take hSpanish in high school,
9 And I never believed that any people would speak such a isilly language,
10 But just take a look at all these ships!
11 Surely, there must be people who speak Spanish,
12 And I am anxious to meet some of the captains of these ships,
13 And ask them about a destination called jEl Dorado,
14 Which I have always been kcurious about,
15 And wish to find out about,
16 Once and for all.
17 If you, my followers, would like to return to the hotel and await my return,
18 Please do so,
19 lFor I must be about my business.
20 And so the followers returned to the hotel,
21 And waited for Harry,
22 In the company of the many many good friends they had made in Philadelphia.
23 mIt turned out that Harry didn't come back for forty days or so,
24 And he didn't seem upset at all about the fact that nobody had really nmissed him,
25 Because they were having too good a time.