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18 aAnd in spite of the fact that the Most Chosen Nation has tried very hard to give everyone a chance to succeed,
19 Including a whole bunch of bfederal programs that are supposed to help you become decent, respectable, hardworking, prosperous citizens,
20 For free.
21 And yet, here you are,
22 Looking up at me with your bad teeth,
23 And your cbeer bellies,
24 And your dull little dpig eyes,
25 And your bizarre etattoos,
26 fAnd countless other dead giveaways of your poverty, your lack of taste and insight, and your lack of intelligence,
27 Not to mention your lack of good personal ghygiene.
28 But in spite of all this,
29 I am here to give you the best possible news,
30 Which is that there is no reason whatever for you to feel inferior,
31 In any way,
32 From now on,
33 Because you are hnot inferior,
34 Anymore.
35 In fact,
36 You are all just great,
37 iExactly the way you are.

1 For a while there, during jsome of Harry's remarks, the multitude had grown restless,
2 As if they did not entirely approve of Harry's line of conversation,
3 But when he announced that they were all kgreat,
4 Exactly the way they were,
5 They jumped to their feet, whistling and shouting and applauding,
6 Because they dug what he was saying,
7 And wanted to hear more.
8 Thereupon, Harry gave it to them, in these words:
9 All your lives, you have been lpoor white trash,
10 And you sort of figured that was a bad thing to be,
11 If you ever thought about it at all,
12 And there were maybe times when you felt ashamed about all your dad's mprison sentences,
13 And how beat up your mom used to look evey Sunday morning,
14 And how you could never hold down a steady job,
15 Because you got drunk,
16 Or lost your temper,
17 Or couldn't read the directions,
18 Or were just too stupid to do what they wanted,
19 Whatever it was.
20 nBut you and your people have been here for a long long time now,
21 And you've never ochanged in all that time,
22 Which is why things are different now,
23 Because the pwheel spins round and round all the time,
24 And every once in a while a different number comes up,
25 qAnd this time, it's your number,
26 Because all the time that you've kept on being you,