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12 Which I do not, particularly,
13 Although I recall having learned as a child that ait is possible to fool most of the people most of the time,
14 Which I always remember when I see nothing that looks like something,
15 To millions and millions and millions of bidiots.
16 And I only hope that I can do as well.

1 Thereupon the multitude cried out to Harry, saying,
2 "The cbeadle with dirty stringy hair and funny little glasses was saying that you were, you know, pretty special,
3 "And, like, know a lot,
4 "Or some excrement like that.
5 "So why not, like, lay it on us now?"
6 And Harry smiled, and stepped closer to the microphone, and began to lay it on them, as follows:
7 You guys have been having a pretty rough time of it for a while,
8 If you don't mind me summing up a few facts for you.
9 dLike, you're pretty much the scum of the earth, aren't you,
10 eAnd most of you will never get to college,
11 fOr get to be rich,
12 gUnless you can find your way onto a stage like this somehow,
13 And it's a lot more likely that you'll get drafted instead,
14 hAnd go get shot in Vietnam or something,
15 Unless you shoot each other in a ibarroom brawl or something first.
16 Is any of this hitting home with you guys?

1 And the multitude screamed and whistled and shouted for Harry to proceed,
2 Because they dug what he was saying,
3 Since it was so jheavy and right on,
4 So that they all piped down when Harry opened his mouth to speak again, in these words:
5 Maybe you've always felt like you weren't really good enough to have the things you want,
6 And maybe that used to be true,
7 Because let's be honest,
8 You've never been real interested in certain things,
9 kSuch as self-improvement,
10 lAnd thinking about what you do before you do it,
11 mAnd controlling your most basic animal instincts,
12 And reflecting on the nconsequences of your actions,
13 Either before or after you do something that's going to have consequences,
14 Which maybe explains why oyou and the people you come from have never gotten to first base,
15 And you're still sitting at the pbottom looking up,
16 qIn spite of the fact that a lot of your families have been citizens of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth since the beginning,
17 rOr very close to the beginning, anyway,