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3 And dragged him to the paddy wagon,
4 Which carried him to prison,
5 To start serving his term,
6 In maximum security,
7 For life.
8 Along the way, the guards teased him,
9 And called him the King of the Cons,
10 And other things,
11 Which Harry took good naturedly, saying, If it's all the same to you, I would prefer to be the King of Coins,
12 aBecause when the King of Coins reaches for his pocket,
13 The whole world pays attention,
14 bAnd all barriers are removed as soon as he approaches.
15 And the guards laughed and laughed,
16 But when they had dropped him off inside the prison,
17 And he had passed through the cell-block gates,
18 They shook their heads at his passing,
19 And said, "Truly, that is one ccool customer,
20 "Who knows the way to be."

1 But three days later, on visiting day, some of the followers came to the prison to talk to Harry,
2 dAnd were told that he was no longer there,
3 Which made them feel amazed,
4 And afraid that something had happened to Harry in prison.
5 Something awful.
6 But no one would give them any details,
7 And so they decided to eforget about it.

1 Not long after that, the followers had a little get-together,
2 To remember the good times they'd had together,
3 fEven if Harry had turned out to be a worthless fool,
4 And they rented a private room,
5 In a first-class hotel,
6 And were just sitting down to dinner when a waiter ran in,
7 gIn a great hurry, saying, "Long distance call for all of you,
8 h"From Rio de Janeiro."
9 And one by one, they spoke with the voice on the phone,
10 And enjoyed themselves tremendously,
11 Because it was good know that there is always a way,
12 To get what you want,
13 No matter what,
14 Which is what they had learned,
15 From Harry.

1 iAnd indeed, all men must now learn from Harry; for he has shown us the only way to be.
2 jHe has washed his hands of everything, and he can afford to wear gloves from now on.
3 kHe has followed his own desires, and he has proven with the strength of his Way that his desires must be satisfied, or else.
4 He has said what he felt like saying, whenever he felt like it, and lno one ever succeeded in making him change his tune.