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12 Then the sons realized that their father had spoken the truth before, and really didn't have any more belongings to give them, and so they denounced their father, and told him he was a worthless aold fool, and departed from home forever.
13 And when Harry had completed this story, the followers said, "How does that story answer our questions? There is no moral at all that we can see, and besides, it doesn't make any sense. We can't believe that the father would just welcome them home like that."
14 Whereupon Harry said, Then I will give you a different ending. When the sons returned home, their father cursed and reviled them for their bingratitude, and sent them out of their home forever.
15 Is that ending more to your liking?
16 For a moment, the followers acted as if they would think about the story Harry had told,
17 But then thought better of it,
18 And told Harry the story was fine.
19 Then Harry smiled at them and said, Now let us go for a walk in the park and pick up some women,
20 For it is a nice day, and I am tired of stories.

1 Later that same day, Harry and his followers returned to the hotel,
2 Where they were met by an cAngel,
3 Who spoke to Harry in secret,
4 And then departed with great urgency.
5 The followers were concerned and said, "Is something wrong? The look on the Angel's face was dark and fills us with foreboding."
6 But Harry said to them, Do not think about it.
7 It does not matter.
8 Let us have dinner in a private room in the dbest restaurant in town.
9 And so they engaged a private room,
10 And Harry sat down to eat with the twelve,
11 eWho grew merry as the evening progressed,
12 Until the restaurant echoed with their laughter and loud voices,
13 But at length, Harry became serious,
14 And said to the followers, There's a fchance we may not be together much longer,
15 gSo I would like to take this opportunity to give you something to remember me by,
16 hSomething that will help you follow my way more easily.