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1 When all had come on board the Learjet, Harry gave his followers great things to eat and drink and inhale,
2 aAnd other things besides,
3 And when they had been satisfied of all their wants, he spoke to them, saying,
4 Do not question your good fortune,
5 Or think any more about it.
6 We will travel together for a while,
7 Then go our separate ways,
8 And all will be as it should be. Okay?
9 Thereupon, all agreed speedily that it would all be okay,
10 Just as Harry said.
11 But later that night, the Learjet encountered bad weather over the Rocky Mountains,
12 And the followers became afraid that the plane would crash,
13 And awakened Harry to tell him of their fear, and ask what they should do.
14 But he replied to them calmly, saying, Do what you will. It does not matter to me.
15 bEach of you should act in accordance with his nature.
16 If you are a coward, then cry and moan and run around in a great panic until the plane crashes or it doesn't.
17 If it is in your nature to be calm in times of great emergency, be ccalm.
18 If it is your first instinct to have sexual relations with a beautiful young woman, or each other, do so.
19 Do not add to your stress by trying to be different than you are,
20 Or stronger than you are,
21 But be yourself,
22 dExactly the way you are,
23 eAnd act in accordance with your desire.
24 fFor myself, I prefer not to think about it at all.
25 Whereupon Harry went back to sleep, and each of the followers reacted as he was inclined to do, and all went as Harry said,
26 And the plane landed safely the next morning in gSouthern California.

1 In the weeks and months that followed, Harry and his followers traveled to many places,
2 And spoke with many different people,
3 From all hparts of the Most Chosen Nation,
4 And wherever they went, people were amazed at the wisdom and simplicity of Harry's way,
5 Which caused a great stir,
6 And angered many of the Most Chosen Nation's leaders,
7 Including those who were iresponsible for religion.
8 By and by, some of the religious jleaders who were most offended approached Harry in a great mass,
9 In a city in the south,
10 And barged into his hotel room,
11 Awakening Harry from a sound sleep.
12 The tallest and most forceful among them spoke up in a loud voice,