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9 Who approached close to Harry and said, "Were you talking to me?"
10 Then Harry questioned him, saying, Why do you not join in with the others,
11 And express your desire to have a Learjet,
12 Like the others?
13 Whereupon the child said, "I wanted to smoke a cigarette,
14 "And so I did.
15 "Is there something the matter with that?"
16 And Harry said to all the children, Behold. Here is one who follows me,
17 And he will be called aLucky,
18 And shall come with me in my Learjet,
19 This very day.
20 And it all happened as Harry said, and Lucky went with Harry and his Angels in the Learjet,
21 Which flew to bBoston that very day.

1 cShortly afterwards, Harry went into the front yard of an ancient American university,
2 On the far side of the Charles River,
3 dWhere multitudes of the Most Chosen Children of the world's Most Chosen Nation were preparing to demolish the commercial establishments surrounding their campus,
4 In protest against the emurders which had been committed in Indiana.
5 Some among them recognized Harry,
6 And reproached him, saying, f"We have heard of gyour way,
7 "Which is not our way,
8 "Because when we are hdone with our education in a week or two,
9 "And have demolished all the commercial establishments in the entire city,
10 "We shall become the leaders of the world's Most Chosen Nation,
11 "And have no need of you and your way,
12 "Because we are ismart,
13 "And will fix everything,
14 j"For we already have all the answers."
15 But Harry just laughed at their impudence, saying, But surely you have nothing against coming with me in my kLearjet,
16 Which is full of good things to eat and drink and inhale,
17 As well as lwomen of great beauty and compliance,
18 mAnd an itinerary that includes some of the world's most desirable ports of call.
19 Then the children were amazed and said, "Do you not wish to argue with us,
20 "And change our minds,
21 "And bend us to your will,
22 "And make us follow your way?"
23 Whereupon Harry replied to them, saying, I have room for neleven of you,
24 And all of you are operfect just the way you are.
25 pThen the children cast lots, and the eleven who went with Harry were named Willie, and Joe, and Sam, and Tom, and Mort, and Tony, and Ned, and Ira, and Jerry, and Fred, and Vinnie.