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21 They do not matter,
22 Because they already in the past,
23 aAnd nothing will bring these dead children back to life,
24 For truly their hearts have stopped beating,
25 And they are bhistory.

1 Upon hearing these words, the children expressed their shock and outrage, saying,
2 "Truly we are shocked and outraged at your ccallousness.
3 "Our friends have told us that you are our friend,
4 "And that you cared for us, and wished to make our lives better.
5 "Now, you present us with a frozen shoulder,
6 "And conduct yourself like a cranium made of excrement.
7 "What gives?"
8 Whereupon Harry replied, You must be thinking about somebody else,
9 For I am no man's friend who does not follow my way,
10 And I am not responsible for what you do,
11 Or what is done to you,
12 dOr anything else.
13 When he had said these things, the children became puzzled,
14 And said to Harry, "How can you be so calm about everything,
15 "When truly all hell is breaking loose,
16 "And everything is going completely to pieces?"
17 Then Harry smiled and said, It is easy to be calm when you have a eLearjet,
18 And beachfront property in fMalibu,
19 And anything else you could possibly want,
20 gSince nothing really matters,
21 Or is worth thinking about,
22 If you can have your own way all the time,
23 Which I do,
24 hBecause I am Harry,
25 And I have imy own way,
26 Which is the jonly way.
27 And then the children were amazed and said to Harry, "If we follow you, can we also have a kLearjet and beachfront property and anything else we want?
28 "We would think about such an option very seriously,
29 "Because to tell you the truth, all this political stuff is starting to seem elderly to us,
30 "And ldangerous."
31 And then multitudes of children surrounded Harry and inquired how they might follow him, and professed their great willingness to mthink about joining him and following his way.

1 But there was one among them who did not join in,
2 And did not speak to Harry at all,
3 But sat on the ground some distance away,
4 And lit up a cigarette.
5 Yet Harry saw him where he sat, and called to him, saying, You with the Lucky Strike,
6 Come here,
7 And talk to me.
8 The other children, whom Harry had ignored, made way for the smoking child,