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11 Because the knowledge I have shared with you already apermeates our culture,
12 bAnd there is no turning back from knowledge that is as final as this.
13 Perhaps even more importantly, you will have to deal with each other,
14 Which is where things get really complicated,
15 And why you need me, Harry, to show you the way.

1 But truly you are lucky, for I am here, and my way is the only way,
2 cAnd should be your way,
3 Because my way will make life as good as life can be,
4 For as long as it lasts.
5 dAnd now I hear many of you asking, What is the way of Harry? How can he make a good life out of such a hopeless and doomed dead-end existence?
6 And my answer to this question is a esimple one,
7 As all good answers are,
8 fWhich is that the way of Harry is the way of not thinking about anything at all,
9 gWhich you are better prepared for than you may think.

1 For there are literally thousands of ways of not thinking,
2 Which has always been the most deeply buried desire of Mankind anyway,
3 And accounts for all the stories about Eden,
4 Which hAdam and Eve always wanted to go back to,
5 And couldn't,
6 Until now, that is,
7 Because of all their Gods,
8 And all their guilt,
9 And all their responsibilities,
10 And all their aspirations,
11 And all that other junk,
12 Which is meaningless and irrelevant in the last half of the twentieth century,
13 Because the great secret is that you don't have to put on special clothes to follow me,
14 Or follow some particular profession,
15 Or be any richer or poorer than you want to be,
16 Or accomplish anything,
17 Or refrain from accomplishing anything,
18 iBecause my way would not be the way if it asked you to be different from the way you already are.

1 There are those of you who wish to be millionaires,
2 And those who wish to be doctors and lawyers,
3 And priests,
4 And professors,
5 And accountants,
6 And investment bankers,
7 And gas station attendants,
8 And movie stars,
9 And professional athletes,
10 And politicians,
11 And political activists,
12 And journalists,
13 And factory workers,
14 And truck drivers,
15 And secretaries,
16 And airline pilots,
17 And soldiers,
18 And armed robbers,
19 And corporate managers,