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3 aWhich is why you should all be pathetically grateful that I am here,
4 Because my way can save you a world of grief,
5 And a lot of pain and suffering too.
6 For truly I can tell you that there is no such thing as evil,
7 Because evil cannot exist without a bGod who defines a difference between good and evil,
8 Since without God, there is only nature,
9 Meaning the way things are,
10 And the way we are,
11 Already,
12 Without making a lot of changes in ourselves.
13 Nature doesn't require us to live up to anything,
14 Any more than a sponge has to live up to anything,
15 Or a snail,
16 Or a pine cone.
17 cAnd the really great news is that science and philosophy and psychology and literature and the arts have all converged on the same basic conclusion about life,
18 Although they express them in slightly different terms,
19 Which has probably made it harder for you to see the simple truth,
20 Because it is so simple.

1 As I have already told you, dscience has shown that the whole universe came from a great big explosion of chemicals,
2 Which operate in accordance with the elaws of nature,
3 Meaning they change a little bit all the time,
4 fAt random,
5 Completely by accident.
6 And it is this simple law of random change which accounts for everything. Every form of life you can think of resulted from zillions of little changes,
7 At random,
8 gIn the same basic chemicals that made up the earth after the Big Bang,
9 Which means that you and the htrees and the snakes and the idinosaurs and the gerbils and the sponges are the result of the same jprocess,
10 Which keeps going,
11 And has been since the first kamino acid got formed.
12 lIf you have to be scientific about it, the race of Mankind resulted from about a jillion little random changes in the race of apes,
13 And there were several different versions of Man at first,
14 mAnd the one who survived was the one that was the best at killing,
15 Which is the tree of man that all of us are part of,
16 And explains why there is genocide,
17 And always has been.

1 But don't let this upset you,
2 Not even for a moment,
3 Because there's nothing evil about it.
4 We survived because we were smart and knew how to kill like nobody's business,