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15 Did they come from the counterculture, where you were exposed to such world class brain trusts as aTimothy Leary andbAbbie Hoffman?
16 Did they come from cWoodstock Nation, where you sat naked in the mud and got enlightened by the divinely inspired wisdom of dJoan Baez and eArlo Guthrie and fCrosby, Stills & Nash?
17 Or did they come from your gparents, who taught you that the best way to get what you want is to ask for it,
18 And keep asking for it until everyone's sick of hearing about it,
19 And make up a bunch of hinane reasons why you should get your way,
20 And then demand your way,
21 And then have a giant itantrum and hold your breath until you finally get your way?

1 Yes, I believe pretty devoutly in all your ideals,
2 Because I have ideals too,
3 And I have seen your devotion to freedom of speech, which you have proven by jdenying it to your opponents on college campuses all over America,
4 And I have seen your love of your fellow man, which you have proved in kriots on college campuses all over America,
5 lAnd I have seen your powerful vision of the future, which you have revealed in communes and other pigsties all over America,
6 And I have been impressed.
7 In fact, I have been greatly impressed by the amazing frequency with which you mdo exactly what you want to do,
8 nWhenever you want to do it,
9 And wherever you want to do it,
10 Which is exactly the way I'd expect the children of a Chosen Nation like this one to behave,
11 And isn't different in any way at all from the behavior of the government you despise so much.

1 When Harry had said these things, there was murmuring in the crowd, and a obrave child stood and said in a shaky voice, "Then you are saying that all of Mankind is evil, and that everyone deserves to die in the nuclear holocaust to come?
2 "You said that you had good news, but this is not good news.
3 "This is the fulfillment of all our worst fears and nightmares, to be the evil children of an evil race."
4 After the brave child had said this, Harry sighed,
5 Quite loudly,
6 And went on with his lesson, saying, Truly, you are the stupid children of stupid parents, and you have learned nothing from all your schooling.
7 Have I said a single word to make you think that Mankind is evil?