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8 But I ask you, Did not the aMayas and the Aztecs also commit genocide in the name of God against those who opposed them, and even against their own people?
9 You would deplore the bBrits who committed genocide against the Zulus of South Africa, not even in the name of God, but in the name of the king, for the purpose of expanding their evil empire.
10 But again I ask you, Did not the cZulus commit genocide against their neighbors, also in the name of their king, for the purpose of expanding their empire?
11 And so what is the difference between the conquistadors and the Mayas, or between the Brits and the Zulus?
12 The only difference is that the Spic tree was taller than the Maya tree, and the Brit tree was taller than the Zulu tree,
13 Just as the American tree is taller than the tree of Southeast Asia or the tree of the native Americans.
14 And if you cut down the biggest tree, you will simply make room for the smaller trees to grow taller,
15 By committing genocide against their neighbors and their own peoples,
16 dWhich is what they all want to do anyway,
17 All of them,
18 Including even the very tiniest trees on the planet,
19 Even unto the headhunters of the rain forest,
20 Who have no nuclear weapons,
21 Or B-52s,
22 Or napalm,
23 But still want more eheads anyway,
24 Because they too are of the tree of fman.

1 By the same token, all of you are also of the tree of man,
2 Which can't have escaped your attention completely.
3 When I first spoke to you, you did not reply to me with words of peace and love,
4 gBut you threatened me with physical injury,
5 hBecause I looked different from you, and do not smell bad,
6 iAnd are only listening to me now because I brought plenty of Angels with me.
7 jAnd if I were to ask which of you would lay down his life for all the Others you love so much, you would look at each other and slink away,
8 Because you can hide nothing from me.
9 For I am Harry, and I know you better than you know yourselves,
10 Because I am just like you,
11 Only a lot smarter.
12 For example, I know what your kparents and your teachers and your politicians do not,
13 Which is that your ideals are as thin as tissue paper,
14 And even more transparent.
15 You have been born and raised in the Most Chosen Nation on Earth,