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3 aBecause some of them are good,
4 And some of them are not so good,
5 Which is what people will find out on a show called 'I Love the Miracle Zone,'
6 Which will feature a different Miracle every week,
7 And will fearlessly show how the wrong kind of Miracle might really foul everything up,
8 Like if you start seeing a truly perfect paradise on your usual train ride to work,
9 bThen you can probably expect that you'll die if you're stupid enough to get off there.
10 cIf you really hate dmodern technology,
11 Then you can probably expect that every modern appliance in your house will turn on you someday and kill you.
12 eAnd if you're the only survivor of a nuclear war,
13 fThen you can probably expect your gCoke bottle eyeglasses to get crushed just when you were about to sit down for that good long read you've always promised yourself.
14 hAnd so maybe it's better to forget about Miracles,
15 Not to mention that good long read,
16 iAnd stay right there in the suburbs,
17 With all those other perfectly average people,
18 jWhere you belong.

1 In fact, TV will be pretty fearless in exploring what could happen to all kinds of people if they moved away from the people and places they come from,
2 And tried something new,
3 kWhich is usually a complete disaster called a culture clash,
4 But makes for a lot of really great comedy.

1 For example, there will be a great comedy about what happens when well-heeled city folk move to the country,
2 Which will be called 'I Love Cheap Acres,'
3 In which the starring role will be played by a lgiant pig who grunts and snorts a lot but otherwise doesn't talk much,
4 Which is more than you can say for the rest of the country folk in the show.
5 Who will drive the city folk crazy,
6 So that everyone will know the only reason they stay is because the pay is so good,
7 Week after week,
8 Month after month,
9 And year after year.

1 And there will also be a great comedy about what happens when poor country folk move to the most expensive suburb in the Most Chosen Nation on Earth,
2 Which is just hilarious,
3 Because the country folk in the show called 'I Love the Beverly Hicks' will be incredibly rich,
4 mWhich is why they will always get their way in the end,
5 nEven though they're complete idiots who everybody laughs at behind their backs,