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13 aSo that people in the TV audience will be able to enjoy an unprecedented level of confidence about the future,
14 Because if they stay in the suburbs where they belong,
15 They'll always be able to call Perry or Miracle,
16 And if they stray into the jet set or the lower classes,
17 They'll probably run into someone who will help,
18 bWith all the wisdom they've gained running away from their own problems.

1 All of this infallible assistance will be very very reassuring to the population of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth,
2 Until they start asking some really hard questions about the future,
3 Such as "What if I happened to get sick on a starship under hostile enemy fire?
4 "What would I do then?"
5 Well, fortunately, the TV audience will even find an answer for this dilemma on their TV screens one day,
6 Because in the far distant future there will be a great comedy show called 'I Love Boldly Going on Star Dates,'
7 cWhich will be all about an infallible Starship Captain called James T. Quark,
8 Played by dWilliam Shouter,
9 Who commands an indestructible starship called the Underprise,
10 Played by a eplastic model,
11 Not to mention the completely infallible crew of the Underprise,
12 Including fMr. Sprocket, the infallible science officer with the pointy ears and no emotions,
13 And gDr. McCry, the infallible ship's doctor with the pointy head and more emotions than you can shake a pointy stick at,
14 And a whole bunch of infallible hjunior officers from all over planet Earth,
15 iWhich turns out to be the Most Chosen Planet in the Universe,
16 Because it's a Type "M" planet,
17 jWhich you will find an explanation of under "M" in the yellow pages,
18 If you have any doubts about it,
19 Which you shouldn't,
20 Because Captain Quark and the crew of the Underprise will keep boldly going on dates with the most kbeautiful women in the universe until they're all as happy and free and democratic and equal as we are on the Most Chosen Planet,
21 lWhich you will be glad to hear escaped from the nuclear age without ceasing to be Chosen,
22 mOr even ceasing to be a Planet,
23 Which will be the funniest part of the whole show,
24 Unless you really do believe in Miracles.

1 Of course, TV will never be simple-minded in its treatment of Miracles,
2 Because one of the greatest of all comedy shows will point out that Miracles have their ups and downs,