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17 Played by the aPanderosa,
18 Which is constantly under siege by outlaws,
19 Who attack once a week,
20 bAnd have to be killed before they steal the hay crop,
21 So that the Carthorses won't starve to death,
22 Which is why the show will be so darned funny,
23 Because it will be obvious to everybody in the audience that old Red and Adam and Horse are in absolutely no danger of ever starving to death,
24 cAnd Little Foal will be okay too as long as there's a single filly within a radius of a hundred miles.

1 And these are really only a few of the great gun comedies that will be set in the wild west,
2 Because there will be more of them than there are guns in the Most Chosen Nation,
3 Or almost that many, anyway,
4 Including 'I Love Cayenne,'
5 And 'I Love the Lowman,'
6 And 'I Love Marvelick,'
7 dAnd 'I Love Jim Blowie,'
8 eAnd 'I Love Bat Mannerson,'
9 fAnd 'I Love Wyeth Urp,'
10 And 'I Love Dead Valley Days,'
11 And 'I Love the Chuckwagon Train,'
12 And 'I Love Cowhide,'
13 Not to mention 'I Love Dale Evans,'
14 And 'I Love Annie Ugly,'
15 And some other stuff for the women in the audience.
16 But in case you think that all the best gun parts will be played by the Colts and Winchesters,
17 There will also be a whole bunch of great comedies that don't take place out west,
18 But in other places instead,
19 gWhere there will be parts for shotguns and snub-nosed police revolvers and every other kind of gun you can think of,
20 Including machine guns.

1 For example, there will be a great comedy called 'I Love Combat!',
2 hWhich will be all about a bunch of M1 rifles who are trying to conquer France during World War II,
3 For years and years,
4 Which they will never quite do,
5 Because there's always another little French town full of German Lugers,
6 iWhich will speak in extremely funny accents, of course,
7 And keep absolutely everybody in stitches,
8 For years and years.

1 There will be another great comedy called 'I Love Enemy Fighters at Twelve O'clock,'
2 jWhich will be completely different from 'I Love Combat!',
3 kBecause it will be all about the Eighth Air Force trying to bomb Germany into submission during World War II,
4 For years and years.
5 And the focus of the show will be on the B-17 crews who made all the difference in the war,
6 lIncluding the waist guns,