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10 Since the audience and their favorite TV journalists will have shared so many big moments together,
11 And it will almost seem like it couldn't have happened at all if the TV journalists hadn't been sitting there above the launching pad,
12 Somehow blessing it all,
13 aA little like the pope waving from the Vatican balcony,
14 No matter how silly that sounds.

1 And in time, the people will come to depend on their favorite TV journalists,
2 bWho will have fine, important sounding names,
3 Like Eric Crankcase,
4 And Chet Severedhead,
5 And Walter Wrinkley,
6 cAnd even David Hunkley.
7 The world will change at lightning speed in years to come,
8 But people will feel safer knowing that Eric and Chet and Walter and David are there to keep an eye on things,
9 dGiving them twenty-two whole minutes of news every night,
10 Which they will read into the camera all by themselves,
11 eNight after night after night.

1 And Walter and Eric and David and Chet will be there,
2 Sitting at their big desks,
3 fLooking into the camera like friendly uncles,
4 gWhen the civil rights movement gets under way,
5 And they will cover all the people and events with great thoroughness,
6 Sometimes reading as much as two and a half or three minutes worth of news into the camera on a single story,
7 Because they are journalists,
8 And it is their unalterable mission to make sure the people get the whole story,
9 Every time.

1 They will be there when the major hpolitical parties have their nominating conventions,
2 Every four years,
3 iSitting at their big desks,
4 Overlooking the proceedings on the convention floor,
5 Somewhat above it all,
6 Because a journalist has to be able to see,
7 jAnd they will start explaining what it is the politicians are saying,
8 kAnd what they really meant,
9 Completely without bias,
10 Because they are above it all,
11 And can be trusted implicitly,
12 Like a friendly uncle.

1 They will be there when the most powerful nation in the world goes to war in a mysterious and inscrutable land,
2 Far far away,
3 lIn Indochina.
4 But they will make sure that the people see it all,
5 Every facet of every angle of every issue,
6 Reading as much as three and a half or four minutes of news into the camera about it every night,