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1 Zees weel inspire aozair artistes to do zee same zing,
2 2 And zay weel make très many bbeautifool paintings,
3 3 Wheech alzo won't look like anyzing atoll.
4 4 And zair weel be sculpteurs,
5 5 Who weel make très many beautifool sculptures,
6 6 Wheech alzo won't look like anyzing atoll.
7 7 And everywhair in zee world of art, zair weel be new crules,
8 8 dZo zat no artiste weel have to learn how to skaitch anymore,
9 9 And zay weel be able to make art in new ways.
10 10 Par exemple, zay weel be able to make paintings by zrowing zee paint at zee canvass,
11 11 eOr driving zee tractair acrose the canvass,
12 12 Or zhooting zee paint at zee canvass from zee fgun.
13 13 And zee sculpteurs weel be able to make statues,
14 14 By weelding zee pieces of metal togezair wiz zee torch,
15 15 Or gluing zee pieces of garbage togezair,
16 16 Or hooking zee zings togezair wiz zee coat hangairs,
17 17 gOr anyzing ailse zay want.

1 And zair may be zome peeples who weel believe zat art has been been uttairly destroyed,
2 2 Forevair,
3 3 hBut zay weel be too zhy to mentione zair opinions to anyone who knows anyzing about art and artistes,
4 4 iAnd almost everyone who has zee good education weel believe zat you air zee greatest artiste who evair leeved.
5 5 jAnd you paintings weel sail for meelions and meelions and meelions and meelions of dollairs,
6 6 kAnd you weel nevair have to explain one zing about zem to anyone,
7 7 Atoll.

1 And when the girl in the vision had finished her prophecy,
2 2 Paul smiled at her and said,
3 3 "What did you say?"
4 4 And the girl replied,
5 5 "Nevair mind, Pole. Eet ees not important, exzept for one zing."
6 6 "What's that?" said Paul, listening hard.
7 7 "Leesten to Gairtrude," said the vision.
8 8 l"He knows what he ees tolking about."
9 9 And then she was gone,
10 10 And Paul went back to work,
11 11 Feverishly.