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28 Which will be played by aWarren Beady,
29 And parts for dull-witted schizophrenics who can't ever see through all the lies and get violently reactionary instead,
30 Which will be played by bBruce Bern,
31 And parts for the corrupt, conniving capitalists who tell all the lies in the first place,
32 Which will be played by cPeter Boil,
33 Except for those parts where the corrupt, conniving capitalist has to be incredibly tan and suave,
34 Which will be played by dGeorge Hammerson,
35 Not to mention parts for completely hedonistic studs who think realists are naive optimists and just want to get by from day to day without having to get a steady job,
36 Which will be played by eJoe D'Alexandria,
37 Until the world is ready at last for the One who will come and explain everything,
38 So that people can finally learn what to do about it.
1 And as it happens, I can see (said the camera) all the way to the misty outskirts of that ultimate future,
2 fAnd I know that there will be a sign given when the one with the answers has arrived at last,
3 And that sign will be yet another great movie,
4 Which will be a documentary about the events surrounding the arrival of the One we're waiting for,
5 And it will be called,
6 If I can make it out,
7 Gimme Gimme,
8 And it will have gAngels in it,
9 Of a sort,
10 And it will feature great happenings,
11 But I can tell you no more than that,
12 Although what I have already told you should be enough to keep you going, I think.
13 So what do you say, Dave?
14 Dave?
15 Dave?
16 hAre you angry with me, Dave?