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35 But Rosebud decides to take care of the baby anyway,
36 aBecause what can you do?
37 Or at least I think that's the way it goes,
38 Although I can't be completely and utterly certain about it,
39 Because it's a long long way into the future,
40 bAnd to be honest, some of it seems out of focus,
41 Especially the End,
42 Which is really the whole point,
43 Isn't it?

1 Well, anyway (said the camera), you can see that motion pictures will go a long long way in the future,
2 All the way from the silent nonsense you're making today to the powerful and magnificent film art of the late twentieth century,
3 Which should make you proud,
4 Because it means you'll be responsible for helping to bring the deepest insights and most profound discoveries of our finest minds into the hearts and minds of even the simplest and least educated of the masses,
5 So that everyone can share in the joys of our culture's greatest learning and wisdom,
6 For as long as it lasts.
7 In fact, I can even prove it to you,
8 Because if you'll put me on a crane, I can see even farther,
9 And I will show you an age in which hardly any movies have happy endings,
10 And where people and history and everything else are shown the way they really are,
11 Which may not be pretty,
12 But it sure is real life.

1 Thank you (said the camera), the crane is a big help,
2 And I can see years and years farther than I could before,
3 All the way to a brand-new galaxy of stars,
4 Who will reinvent the movies with their tremendous talents,
5 cWhich involve bad posture and speech impediments and more hair than you can shake a pointed stick at,
6 Including beards,
7 And sideburns,
8 And other things too,
9 Which will make all the difference in every kind of movie,
10 dAnd will prepare the way for the one who will come,
11 Someday,
12 To explain what it all means,
13 And what to do about it.

1 Yes, as I have said, there will be many great new stars,
2 eAnd they will make movies for a new generation of young people,
3 Who will be completely fed up with everything,
4 And ready to see life as it is,
5 Without a lot of lies and stupid platitudes.
6 For they will not only be tired of fJohn Wayne,
7 But disgusted with him too,
8 Because they will know better than to think that the wild west was settled by good, strong, brave, virtuous men who never shot anyone in the back,