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1 And there will be another great genius named Jerry K___,
2 Who will make a million movies,
3 aWhich will be all about what it's like to be a spastic half-wit trying to cope with an unusual situation,
4 Such as being a bbellhop,
5 Or a csinger in Las Vegas,
6 Or a dnutty professor,
7 Or a prizefighting emilkman called Kid Galahad,
8 Or someone like that,
9 Who will be completely hilarious in every scene the way fJerry K___ plays the part,
10 Whether he's talking too loud in a funny voice,
11 gOr falling down the stairs,
12 Or up the stairs,
13 Or singing too loud in a funny voice,
14 Which will just drive the fans wild.
15 In fact, Jerry K___ will have lots and lots of fans,
16 hIncluding very very young children,
17 iAnd a whole bunch of teenage girls,
18 Not to mention the Frogs,
19 jWho will think that Jerry K___ is the greatest achievement ever achieved by American culture,
20 Which is really saying something,
21 Unless you're a Frog.

1 And Alfred Hitchcock and Jerry K___ won't be the only movie geniuses to become international celebrities,
2 Because there will be another great British director called David Lean,
3 Who will be a man truly after your own heart,
4 The kind of man who only makes mega-super-spectacular blockbusters,
5 Which go on for hours and hours and hours,
6 Until you're convinced of his genius,
7 kOr sound asleep in your chair.
8 David will make many great pictures,
9 But none of them will be as great as 'Lawrence of Chicago,'
10 lWhich will be all about a World War I officer who mmachine-guns thousands of Turks because it feels so darned good,
11 Thus explaining how he comes by the name Lawrence of Chicago,
12 Who will be played by nPeter O'Toole,
13 Except that Peter is a Brit,
14 Which means that he couldn't possibly be from oChicago,
15 And so there has to be another explanation,
16 Which is where the story really starts to get complicated,
17 Because it turns out that there's a co-star who loves both Lawrence and Lara because they both look so good in pwhite,
18 Namely, Dr. Chicago,
19 Who will be played by qOmar Sharif,
20 Except that Omar isn't an American either,
21 Which is why there has to be rWilliam Holden as the Yank who escapes from the terrible Nip prison camp on the sRiver K___ so that he can help Lawrence and the other Brits win the war,