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17 As Ziggie found out.

1 Ziggie also found out that dreams were important,
2 Since dreams are always about what the aunconscious wants,
3 Namely sex,
4 Unless they're about something the unconscious is afraid of,
5 Namely sex,
6 Which is also why dreams are so full of sexual symbols,
7 Including symbols that are so symbolic you'd say the dream was about something else,
8 Unless you knew better,
9 Which Ziggie did.
10 For example, there are about a million ways to have sex in a dream…
11 bSuch as being on a train that goes into a tunnel,
12 cOr walking through a doorway into a corridor,
13 dOr having a conversation with your mother,
14 eOr jumping off a tall building,
15 fOr just sitting at a table eating a popsicle.

1 Another important thing Ziggie found out was that really sick egos had a hard time accepting the truth,
2 gWhich is a symptom called denial,
3 hAnd explains why a lot of people had a hard time learning how to believe in Ziggie's ideas.
4 In fact, Ziggie ran into a lot of resistance,
5 And got discouraged,
6 Until his icouch dug deep into its unconscious,
7 Which it had a lot of,
8 And dredged up a vision of the future,
9 Which it shared with Ziggie,
10 In an effort to cheer him up.

1 Your ideas will change the world (said the couch), so don't let all this short-term denial make you neurotic.
2 jIn fact, your ideas will result in a whole new field of learning,
3 Called kpsychology,
4 Which will change everything about the way people look at themselves.
5 For a long time, people will actually believe that you were right about almost everything,
6 No matter how silly that seems,
7 And your funny names for things will become a permanent part of the language,
8 Including Ego, Superego, and Id,
9 lInferiority Complex, which is when an ego starts acting like it's better than everyone else,
10 mPersecution Complex, which is when an ego thinks everybody's out to get it,
11 nProjection, which is when one ego thinks other egos might be having the same kinds of problems it is,
12 oRepression, which is when an ego starts acting like there isn't any superego or id in there with it, which almost always causes all kinds of tremendous pproblems,
13 qPhallic Symbols, which certain really sick egos are obsessed with, which you can usually spot right away though, because a phallic symbol is anything longer than it is wide that you can hold in your hand, drive, or build out of elements listed on the periodic chart,