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6 aAnd leather briefcases, and silk ties, and custom-made suits, and monogrammed shirts, and leather shoes of every description, and sneakers, and tie clips, and bpinkie rings, and leather jackets, and pleated trousers, and alarm clocks, and gold cuff links, and cologne, and wristwatches, and toupees, and shaving cream, and safety razors, and toenail clippers, and change trays, and top hats, and raincoats, and galoshes, and gloves, and socks, and boxer shorts, and pajamas, and sweatshirts, and T-shirts, and toilet kits, and suit bags, and antiperspirants, and mouthwash,
7 And canes, and false teeth, and hearing aids, and cardigan sweaters, and newspapers, and footstools, and wheelchairs, and clife insurance policies, and oak caskets,
8 And some Capitalist will make money on each of these things.

1 There will be things for workplaces of all kinds,
2 Including desks, and chairs, and typewriters, and file cabinets, and pens, and pencils, and paper clips, and rubber bands, and staple removers, and telephone message pads, and ink pads, and desk blotters, and carbon paper, and photocopiers, and dcomputers, and erasers, and corkboards, and telephones, and coffee machines, and candy machines, and magic markers, and in-trays, and out-baskets, and pencil sharpeners, and stationery, and envelopes, and manila folders, and order forms, and calendars,
3 eAnd bulldozers, and tractor trailer trucks, and hydraulic lifts, and stamping machines, and test equipment, and flatbed trucks, and coveralls, and hard hats, and time punch clocks, and rolling steel doors, and warehouses, and foffice buildings, and conveyor belts, and safety goggles, and first-aid kits, and forklifts, and cranes, and ships, and planes, and lathes, and loading docks, and sprinkler systems, and fire alarms, and locks, and gates, and ID cards, and vats, and pipelines, and electrical conduits, and boilers, and molding machines, and drying ovens, and storage racks, and urinals, and electric hand dryers, and light switches, and fluorescent tubes, and acoustical tiles, and linoleum flooring, and time-lock vaults,
4 And so many many more things besides that it wouldn't be possible to count them all,
5 Except that some Capitalist will make money on every one of these things.

1 gThere will also be things for nations,
2 Including highway systems that stretch from one edge of the continent to the other,
3 And hgovernment buildings,
4 And dams, and inland waterways,
5 And power plants,
6 iAnd military things, including tanks, and ships, and bazookas, and rifles, and artillery, and rockets, and uniforms, and gas masks, and knapsacks, and grenades, and bullets, and bombs, and fortifications, and shipyards, and military bases, and submarines, and armored personnel carriers, and jeeps, and helmets, and shovels, and picks, and boots, and more boots, and medals, and litters, and body bags, and intravenous needles, and bone saws, and prosthetic limbs, and antiaircraft guns, and bomb shelters, and blankets, and tourniquets, and land mines, and sea mines, and underwater explosives, and flamethrowers and…