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9 And when they have relearned these lessons, they will make more things than even they can imagine,
10 So that the day will come when everybody has plenty of everything,
11 aExcept maybe black people and some of the poor white trash who never make it off the bottom rung,
12 bAnd they will feel so strongly about your ideas that they will be prepared to risk the life of the planet to defend Capitalism against its enemies,
13 cWho will consist of all the nations that don't have anything at all,
14 dExcept weapons, that is,
15 eAnd nations like this will have huge governments whose full-time job it is to explain why the people don't have anything at all,
16 fExcept misery,
17 gWhich must be your fault,
18 Because the rich Capitalists in America grabbed all the things that everybody else is rightfully entitled to,
19 Because the greatest people have the lowest number of goods,
20 hOr something like that,
21 Which is why the Most Chosen Nation will have to build lots and lots and lots of incredibly powerful weapons,
22 To use on anyone who wants some of their goods,
23 Which will threaten the entire planet with extinction,
24 Unless all the waste products thrown away by your factories poison the planet to death first.
1 Yes, that's another little problem I forgot to mention,
2 Because all of the hundreds of millions of things that will be made in factories will all be individually wrapped in little ipackages,
3 Which people will throw away,
4 Until it adds up to the point where there won't be any place to put it,
5 Because all the places where it could have been put will already be full of the dangerous jchemicals the factories threw away after they used them to make all those things,
6 Which means that there will be chemical garbage absolutely everywhere,
7 Including the oceans,
8 And the rivers,
9 And the clouds,
10 And the fields,
11 And the groundwater,
12 And the bellies of livestock,
13 And even the bellies of people.

1 But that's why it's such a good thing that your ideas will lead to spectacular advances in all kinds of ktechnology,
2 lIncluding medical equipment and drugs that can help cure the diseases caused by chemical garbage,
3 mAnd miraculous electrical counting machines called computers which can work out solutions to the problems caused by all the chemical garbage,