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5 Except for banks, of course,
6 aWhich are extremely trustworthy,
7 bOr why would they have so many boring drones in blue suits to watch over your money all the time?
8 Besides, if banks weren't trustworthy, why would people give them money and let them lend it to other people,
9 Without even asking the people who gave them all their money in the first place?
10 Not to mention the fact that if bankers weren't trustworthy, they'd probably get involved in a lot of risky financial speculation that could cause a huge depression someday,
11 Which wouldn't do Capitalism any good at all.

1 That's why it will be such a good thing that banks will always lend money to the people who deserve it,
2 And will always use impeccable business judgment,
3 cBecause who could possibly know more about business than a know-it-all in a blue suit who thinks you earn money by lending other people's money to still other people who will do all the work and take all the risks,
4 While he sits in a giant office upstairs at the bank thinking up ways to get more money?

1 Eventually, there will be so many great bankers that they will build a city all for themselves,
2 Called New York,
3 Which nobody will be allowed into who actually makes things,
4 Except skyscrapers, that is,
5 Because the banks and life insurance companies and brokerage houses who deal strictly in money will all need their own skyscrapers,
6 dWith their names on them in giant letters,
7 Just so everyone will know that they really do make things,
8 Even though they really don't,
9 eWhich has a lot to do with the appearance of value,
10 And everything in the world to do with American Capitalism,
11 Which will have its headquarters in New York,
12 On Wall Street.

1 In fact, Wall Street will become the world capital of Capitalism,
2 fAnd will become so fantastically successful that the people who work there will eventually forget practically everything you ever said,
3 Because they will know better than you,
4 About everything.

1 For example, they will forget about all your quaint old definitions,
2 gBecause Capitalism isn't about creating wealth by creating value that didn't exist before;
3 Instead, it's about getting rich by getting hold of more money than other people,
4 Which is why value doesn't matter,