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11 aAnd maybe it's about time someone demoted the generals and barons,
12 So that they'd treat people a little more decently,
13 bAnd pay them better,
14 cAnd care a little more about safety,
15 dAnd cut back a little on the twenty-or- thirty-hour workdays,
16 And doesn't that seem reasonable,
17 O you generals and barons?

1 Of course, all the generals and barons will laugh pretty hard when all the workers they own start talking about rights,
2 eBecause survival of the fittest has nothing to do with rights,
3 At all,
4 fAnd it's not their fault that common people are too stupid to build their own factory,
5 And if they've got enough free time on their hands to complain,
6 Maybe it's because they're not working hard enough,
7 And what do you think of a thirty-or- forty-hour workday,
8 gO you trash and immigrant scum?

1 And out of this new dialogue between barons and workers will come a hbrand-new institution,
2 Called organized labor,
3 Which will negotiate new rules for the handling of disagreements between management and workers.
4 iFor example, it will be a rule that management has to try suppressing the formation of unions with negotiating tools like hired thugs and bludgeons and rifles,
5 jAnd that organized labor will have to try getting their rights by calling for strikes and riots and armed confrontations with management's hired thugs,
6 For years,
7 Until the lions of justice in the courts of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth decide,
8 Reluctantly,
9 kThat everyone in America has rights,
10 Including the right to organize employee unions,
11 Even if all the members are poor white trash,
12 And immigrant scum from Europe,
13 And other kinds of undesirables.
14 Moreover, since it will also be a God-given right of every person in the Most Chosen Nation to belong to clubs that not everybody can get into,
15 The labor unions of America will also have the right to be as exclusive as they want to be,
16 Just like the barons' country clubs,
17 lMeaning black people need not apply,
18 Because when people talk about equality in America,
19 They will generally be talking about equality for themselves,
20 And not for all those others,
21 Who are too inferior to be equal,
22 To them.