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5 Which will have its good points,
6 And its bad points,
7 To be completely honest about it.
8 Would you like to hear about the good things first?
9 Or the bad things?
10 Of course.
11 aYou Scots are all alike.

1 Well, a lot of the people who have capital in the first place will think that if they create wealth, they are entitled to keep all of it,
2 Including every single penny,
3 Which you Scots know something about, I suspect,
4 And they will pay the people who run their stinking factories as few pennies as they can get away with,
5 Which is not many,
6 bBecause poor people take what they can get,
7 And know better than to complain too loudly,
8 cSince complaining usually leads to no pennies at all.
9 And so the poor people will work in gigantic factories and run all the gigantic machines,
10 Which won't be completely safe,
11 Because safety costs money,
12 dAnd why would anyone want to spend money on poor people when you can give them gin instead?
13 Because gin is incredibly cheap,
14 eAnd helps them stop thinking about their problems,
15 Which they will always have anyway,
16 Since they are poor,
17 And not getting any richer by working in factories,
18 As we have already seen.

1 What with the gin and the machines that aren't completely safe in the first place and having to work twenty or thirty hours a day,
2 A lot of the factory workers will get injured,
3 Or sick,
4 Or even dead,
5 And their fchildren will too,
6 Because it will be discovered that even children can work twenty or thirty hours a day in factories,
7 Which will keep them out of trouble,
8 gAnd help put bread on the table for all those families that can't quite get by on all the wages they're earning in factories,
9 Except that children are more fragile than adults,
10 hFor some reason,
11 And many of them will die,
12 Working in factories.
13 And that's not all.

1 For the factories will be located in cities,
2 iAs we have seen,
3 jAnd the cities will have to find a place for all the factory workers to live,
4 Which they will do,
5 And that place will be the slums,
6 kWhere it will be discovered that capital can even be used to create wealth out of rat-infested firetraps that nobody with any brains would ever live in,