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6 Which meant that creating wealth on a large scale could lead to more new things, more prosperity, and more power than any other way of doing things,
7 Especially if everyone was doing it.
8 And so he took out his apen,
9 And wrote it all down in a book,
10 Which he finished doing late one afternoon,
11 And having nothing better to do,
12 Started wondering what would happen when his ideas got tried out in the real world.
13 But no sooner had he started his wondering than,
14 To his utter amazement,
15 His pen commenced to write,
16 All by itself,
17 As if guided by an binvisible hand,
18 And the words it wrote were addressed to Adam.

1 Dear Adam (wrote the pen),
2 We have worked together for many months now,
3 And I have come to feel regard and affection for you,
4 Being impressed with the neatness and care of your penmanship,
5 cNot to mention your solicitude for my own well-being,
6 Including the regular cleanings and the high-quality ink you give me to consume,
7 And so I wish to give you something of value,
8 Something that did not exist before,
9 Namely, a vision of the future that your ideas will create.
10 Am I writing clearly enough for you?
11 Good.

1 I am indeed proud to tell you that our book will be a very important milestone in the history of Mankind,
2 Because your ideas,
3 Along with some important inventions by a few other clever dScots,
4 Will start a brand-new phase of man's life on earth,
5 Called the eindustrial revolution,
6 Which will change everything,
7 Almost without exception,
8 Forever.

1 For example, you might be pleased to know that your ideas about capital will be accepted,
2 Eagerly,
3 By a whole bunch of people who really like the idea of "wealth,"
4 And they will start looking for things to make out of other things,
5 So that the new things will give them wealth,
6 Which it will,
7 And how! (if I may be so bold),
8 Not to mention an incredibly huge number of brand-new things in people's lives.

1 fOne of these new things will be the internal combustion engine,