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28 Nineteen hundred and twenty-nine,
29 Two thousand and one million B.C.,
30 Thirteen hundred and forty-eight,
31 Sixteen hundred and seven,
32 Eighteen hundred and seventy-seven,
33 Seventeen hundred and eighty-eight,
34 Eighteen hundred and ninety-eight,
35 Zero,
36 Nineteen hundred and eighty-four,
37 Four thousand and some B.C.,
38 Nineteen hundred and nineteen,
39 Nineteen hundred and forty-four,
40 Eighteen hundred and thirty-six,
41 Three hundred and ninety-nine B.C.,
42 Fifteen hundred and sixty-four,
43 Thirty-three,
44 Eighteen hundred and seventy-one,
45 Three hundred and thirty-seven,
46 Eighteen hundred and forty-eight,
47 Eighteen hundred and ninety-six,
48 Three hundred and twenty-three B.C.,
49 Fourteen hundred and fifty-two,
50 Seventeen hundred and eighty-nine,
51 Sixteen hundred and sixty,
52 Seventeen hundred and sixty-three,
53 Eighteen hundred and forty-nine,
54 And that's really just the beginning,
55 Because a bunch of things happened in between too,
56 Like they usually do.

1 aZ is for Zoo Animals,
2 Like ostriches and blions and aardvarks, and cmonkeys of all kinds, and dgorillas, and ezebras, and antelope, and I can't list them all for you,
3 But you should take the time to learn something about them,
4 fBecause the world is a pretty fascinating place with all kinds of different people and animals in it,
5 And it's a real good idea to remember that,
6 At all times,
7 gBecause you have to live in the world,
8 And no matter how hard you think you have it,
9 Somebody else always has it worse,
10 hAnd they're part of God's creation too,
11 iWhether you see any sense in it or not,
12 Which seeing a silly-looking animal like an aardvark or a zebra every once in a while can help remind you of.

1 jNow go, my son, out into the wide world,
2 And make your mother and me proud of you,
3 Because you'll have to earn what you get,
4 So remember,
5 There aren't any free rides,
6 If you want to make your mark.