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1 Who is more blessed than the Master of Money? He reaches out, and whatever he touches is his.
2 aHe is the King of the Mountain, and his feet are planted on the summit of other men's most golden dreams.
3 bHe speaks, and all men listen: for if he does not know what he is talking about, then why does he have all that Money?
4 cHe commands, and all men leap to obey; for if he has his way, then he may give a generous tip to those who have been the most obsequious.
5 dHe scolds, and all men are very very sorry; for if he is angry, there may be no Christmas bonus.
6 eHe smiles, and all men smile in return; for if he is pleased, there is nothing to worry about today.
7 fBut for the Master of Money, all days are the same; there is nothing to worry about, and no one to fear.

1 gOnly the Master of Money can be truly honest; for he is the only one who can know to a certainty that he would not change his ways for a big enough check.
2 hHe does not need to make up stories about how much he disdains Money; ihe does not have to develop a convenient memory about the surprising things he will do for some tiny pittance.
3 He does not have to mount ridiculous charades to impress his successful friends; he does not have to tell everyone that his limousine is being repaired and that his good clothes were stolen with his luggage.
4 jHe does not have to pretend that he likes living in rundown neighborhoods; he does not have to explain that his wife regards giant diamonds as ostentatious.
5 kYes. the Master of Money can be who he is; he alone is free to admit that great wealth is the best of all goals to attain.

1 How sad it is to see so many men abase themselves before the altar of Money; lthey look to Money as if to a god, and they humiliate themselves with their prayers for financial security.
2 Only the Master of Money can look this idol in the eye without blinking; only he knows that Money comes to those who are not afraid of its power.
3 mFor does not Money rightfully belong to those who are born to exercise dominion over others? And is not Money itself the first test of who is fit to become the Master?
4 nTruly it is so: He who becomes the Master of Money has already conquered his most formidable rival; and then there is no other who can make him bow down and humiliate himself.
5 Listen to the wisdom of the Master of Money; for he is the lord of his own ouniverse, and his universe contains all others.

1 pO what a great thing is Pleasure! The flesh is made to feel, and there is no end of ways to make the flesh feel good.