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1 O Money, I am a new man entirely, and I am again dressed in fine clothes, with a fine home to return to at night.
2 Yea, aI have become a keeper of debits and credits for the spirit business, and my new friend is lavish in his treatment of me.
3 And more than this, my friend is arranging for me to see my bson, and I am overcome with joy at the thought of beholding his golden locks.
4 Thank you, O Money, for all you have given me.

1 cO Money, what is the problem with women? Do you know?
2 The letter arrived in the morning mail, and her tone was hard and bitter.
3 dShe accused me of becoming a gangster, and denounced me for wanting to poison my son's life with scandal.
4 eDoes she not know that I was starving? And since when did anything matter to her but you?
5 fWhat do women want, O Money? Have you figured it out?

1 I have decided, O Money, to recommit myself to you, and to earn your golden smile with every thing that I do.
2 For if a man may not have a family, what is there for him in life but you?
3 When there is no golden fire in the hearth, he banks it in a golden vault instead, and daily gcounts the coins by which his heart's happiness can be measured.
4 When there is no golden head to kiss, he caresses the only hgolden heads he can acquire, and you grow in his eyes to mighty vastness.
5 Yea, I am yours, O Money, come what will. Smile upon me, and I will never turn my face from yours.

1 iO Money, O Mountain of joy!
2 You roll into my coffers like a great golden wave, unending and unstoppable.
3 You come to me as if by magic, and you leap to my hand from every side, like jchildren coming home to their father.
4 You are mine, you are my passion, my life, my love.
5 You are everything; you are my heart's very blood.
6 O Money! Is there more than this?

1 kO what a great blessing are Spirits; for they are as valuable to men as water and food and women.
2 They cheer up the saddest heart; they make the dullest life bright and full of joy.
3 They make nature sing like an angel, and all men become great crooners under the influence.
4 lYes, and men will pay good Money for such joys, even if they have to steal it from their wives' food allowance.
5 mPraise be to Spirits, which are your own treasured handmaiden, O Money, and the way to your boundless kingdom.