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8 I will be waiting in my aapartment; the door is always open for you, and the bjar on the hall table is empty of everything but hope for your generosity, if you would be so kind.

1 cWhat a great thing money is: Even the smallest coin can make a small boy break out in smiles.
2 How much more wonderful is a huge fortune; vast riches make an ugly woman beautiful in the eyes of men, and likewise a dstupid man brilliant as the sun.
3 eO Money, I just can't praise you enough; I can't get enough of you, and I will never stop trying to win you.

1 fHow have I failed you, O Money? Why am I broke and cast out of my apartment?
2 Don't you remember all the nice things I have said about you: How I have scorned the praise of men to be your faithful servant?
3 And yet, when I returned from the track, my furniture was in the street; the locks had all been changed, and my glandlord's face shone with the kind of great joy that only comes from seeing another man's life in ruins.
4 hIs this the way that my devotion is repaid? How have I offended you, so that I must be tormented by the sight of so many others jingling your blessings in their pockets?
5 iIs there something I don't understand yet? Please tell me what it is, O Money, because I will do anything for you.
1 O Money, is it fair the way you keep avoiding me? It is not my fault that I have patches on my elbows, and look like some kind of tramp.
2 If you would just return to me, I would wear beautiful suits: You would be proud to be seen with me.
3 jO Money, I've run out of everything but praise and devotion for you: Does that mean anything to you, or must I first be rich to win your favor?

1 kSo many people say that money can't buy happiness: What are they talking about?
2 Surely the truth is this: If money can't buy happiness, then nothing can.
3 And if there is no happiness, then I'd just as soon have money instead.
4 Praise be to you, O Money; silly lies will never kill my love for you.

1 lI have dreamed many great dreams about Money; I have seen a vision of Money as a mvast living being, spread across the earth more variously than all the leaves of all the trees in all the forests.
2 There is no end to the body of Money; it breathes through the hands of people everywhere, from the most remote backwaters to the tallest towers of the greatest empires.