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6 Therefore, choose carefully which of these to be; a poor man may smile, but the alandlord wants cash money.

1 bO Money, I have thought up all kinds of great reasons why you should be mine: Will you take the time to hear them?
2 But if you do not, cI will still be patient; every minute that I wait, I come up with new reasons for wanting you, which is a true measure of how wonderful you are.

1 dWhat is worse in life than losing money that you just knew you had: It isn't in the ejar, or my wallet, or under the mattress.
2 I feel terrible, like a man who has lost everything; it was there just yesterday, and I've already looked everywhere.
3 My heart cries out in pain: O Money, come back to me.

1 fWhy do people say such terrible things about money, and act like they don't care about their bank balance?
2 gSurely, they would change their tune if times got hard, and there wasn't enough cash to put bread on the table.
3 Then it would be a different story; the shoe would be on the other foot then, and they would talk out of a different side of their mouth.
4 Most likely, they would ask friends and hrelatives for loans in a desperate voice; their pride would fly out the window, and they would get down on their knees, and stain the carpet with their tears. iShammadamma.
5 For it is easy to be blasé about money when you have it, and almost impossible to think of anything else when you don't: the emptiness of your wallet is like a great pit, that swallows all your hopes and dreams, and is still hungry afterwards.
6 jIt is a wise man who remembers that money is his friend: Say nothing more unkind about money than you would say about those whom you love and honor and respect.
7 Yes, many things can happen in life; and when the things that happen are bad, money is usually the best friend you can have.

1 You could not believe how much I yearn for you, O Money, and how my heart pounds when I am near you.
2 kNothing is more important to me than you: You are very special to me, and the center of all my dreams.
3 Thanks to you, I have hopes of retiring in splendor: In wintertime, a vision of my lvilla in the South of France warms my heart, and I am filled with certainty that I will find a way to buy it someday.
4 How poor I would be if I did not believe in you: My one-room mapartment would become a cage, and I would be like a canary with no song to sing.
5 Please give me money: I swear that I will know what to do with it, and I will never be ungrateful for my good fortune.