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12 They smiled and nodded when the Yanks aexecuted some of their military leaders for war crimes.
13 bAnd they smiled and nodded even more when the Yanks gave them a whole bunch of money to rebuild their factories,
14 And their cities,
15 And their whole nation.

1 cNot long after that, the Nips were busily manufacturing a bunch of gewgaws and trinkets of the kind that Yanks and Europeans seem to like so much,
2 dAnd they only smiled and nodded when the Yanks made jokes about how cheap and shoddy their products were,
3 Because the Nips have always been a highly civilized people,
4 eAnd they had learned an important lesson from the Yanks,
5 Which is why they liked the Yanks so much,
6 fAnd smiled and nodded at them so much,
7 gEven if they never really answered when someone asked them what the lesson was they had learned from the Yanks,
8 But only smiled and nodded,
9 hWhich proves how much they've changed,
10 Because every roundeye knows that no one smiles and nods that much unless they're really friendly,
11 And good-hearted,
12 And peace-loving,
13 And highly civilized,
14 Just like the Nips.
1 And while there are people who continue to live in the past,
2 iAnd still think that the Nips are a bunch of smiling, nodding, two-faced little barbarians who keep trying to take things away from everyone else because they've never had an original idea of their own,
3 jAnd that there have always been too many Nips, and always will be until they finally all commit suicide at the same time, hopefully without taking too many other people with them,
4 kThere's every chance that such people are wrong,
5 Because the Nips almost certainly do have some original ideas of their own,
6 Ideas about civilization, for example,
7 And other things too.
8 lBesides, there's almost no chance whatever that they all really want to commit suicide, no matter how many other people they have to take with them,
9 And are looking for some new excuse,
10 And will find it eventually,
11 mBecause all the evidence indicates that they're not like other people,
12 Who never learn,
13 For thousands of years,
14 But are different,
15 Somehow,
16 For some reason,
17 Almost certainly.
18 Banzai!