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2 To make sure there would be a big supply of communists in the new China,
3 Since a lot of them would probably have to be killed for the greatest number of goods,
4 aOr something like that.
5 Pretty soon, there were a billion Chinks,
6 bWhich is a lot,
7 And explains why China had to get some nuclear weapons,
8 Which they got from the Russkies by promising to be their friend,
9 cWhich nobody else would,
10 And so the Russkies gave them some atomic missiles and such,
11 Until the Chinks had enough missiles parked behind the Great Wall that they could tell the Russkies what they really thought of them,
12 dWhich wasn't much,
13 And shouldn't have surprised the Russkies anyway,
14 eSince why in the world had the Chinks built three thousand miles of wall along the Russian border to begin with?

1 And so, finally, China was where it wanted to be,
2 All alone,
3 fWith its great big wall of stone,
4 gAnd a great big wall of nuclear weapons,
5 hAnd a great big wonderful friend named Mao,
6 iWith a little red book full of all the answers,
7 To all the questions that wouldn't ever have to be asked again,
8 jBecause now things could be done the way they should be,
9 Which is the way the Chinks have been doing them,
10 For as far back as they're allowed to remember.

1 And when the end of the world comes,
2 kIt will probably get started because some barbarian forgot about how much the Chinks want to be alone,
3 With their great and wonderful civilization,
4 And there will be hell to pay,
5 And if there's anyone anywhere who knows all about hell,
6 It has to be Mao and the thousand million little Chinks who know so much more than everybody else about how to be a Chosen civilization.