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22 And whose name was aAllah,
23 Unless it was bGod,
24 Thus proving who had really been right about everything all along.

1 While the cMoors were out slaughtering everybody in the name of Allah,
2 Some of the other eastern barbarians may have been having fun too,
3 But nobody really remembers much about it,
4 Because all the books written by the eastern barbarians are much too long to read,
5 And besides, it doesn't really matter what happened,
6 Since nothing really changed anyway,
7 And none of them have ever really been Chosen,
8 And if they had, we'd have heard more about it,
9 And they wouldn't still be acting like a bunch of crazy barbarians.

1 At some point the Eastern Roman Empire stopped being there,
2 dBut nobody knows when exactly,
3 Or why,
4 And nobody much cares.
5 After that, there was an Ottoman Empire,
6 Which was started by some eTurks who believed in putting up their feet a lot,
7 For some reason.
8 By this time, the Hebrews had moved to Europe,
9 fFor some reason,
10 Completely abandoning their homeland,
11 Which was called Israel,
12 Or Canaan,
13 Or Palestine,
14 Or Zion,
15 Or the Land of Milk and Honey,
16 Or something or other,
17 Which you could look up,
18 gIf you cared.
19 When the Hebrews left wherever it was,
20 For whatever reason,
21 The Arabs moved in,
22 With lots of camels, and tents, and things on their heads,
23 hFor some reason,
24 Which was bound to cause trouble later,
25 Because no matter what anybody does in the middle east,
26 It's sure to cause lots of trouble later,
27 iFor some reason.
28 The Persians may also have been up to something about then,
29 jSomething involving peacocks,
30 kBut maybe not too.

1 Things went on like this for a long time,
2 lWith lots of people you never heard of doing lots of things you never knew about,
3 mIn a lot of different countries you never cared about.
4 In between wars and things, they also made up some culture,
5 Including mosques and 8 by 12 carpets and other stuff too,
6 Like Arabic numerals,
7 nWhich explains why the Arabs are world famous for being brilliant mathematicians,