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6 There's no telling what would have happened,
7 aBecause the Yanks would have wanted to get even,
8 bNo matter how much it cost,
9 Except that they didn't have to,
10 Because someone got to Oswald first,
11 cAnd besides, their handsome young president was dead,
12 And maybe you really couldn't get even for a thing like that,
13 Even if you were a Yank,
14 Because maybe not even Yanks can do everything.
15 dShammadamma.

1 And so, all of a sudden, it seemed like maybe the Yanks weren't quite as youthful anymore,
2 Or as confident,
3 Or as hopeful,
4 Or as all-powerful as they had thought,
5 Which is usually the first sign that a Chosen Nation isn't quite as Chosen as it used to be,
6 And is maybe getting a little tired,
7 And more than a little confused,
8 And in need of some new ideas about how to live in a world that's a lot more complicated than it looks,
9 Which is how it came to pass that the Brits extended a helping hand,
10 eAnd within months of Kennedy's funeral,
11 Sent a great gift to their friends the Yanks,
12 A gift designed to help educate the Yanks about the world,
13 At long last,
14 So that they would know how to face a future full of pain and suffering and failure,
15 fAnd how to get ready for the inevitable decline that befalls every Chosen Nation sooner or later,
16 gWhich the Brits knew everything there was to know about,
17 hAnd wanted to share with their cousins across the sea,
18 So that a day would eventually come when the Yanks were as bad at everything as the Brits had gotten to be,
19 And maybe they would even forget how to build nuclear weapons properly,
20 So that they wouldn't work,
21 iJust like everything the Brits made,
22 Which would make the world safer,
23 Unless it wouldn't,
24 jBut what can you do,
25 Because when the world is coming to an end,
26 kIt's coming to an end,
27 lAnd it doesn't much matter if it ends the American Way or the Russkie Way or the Brit Way,
28 mBecause it's all the way of Mankind,
29 nAnd no one has ever thought of any other way,
30 oNo matter how much they wanted to believe that they were different,
31 pBecause a pointed stick is a cannon is a nuclear warhead,
32 qAnd a killer ape is a Roman is a Brit is a Kraut is a Yank,
33 rAnd being Chosen is a delusion is a lie is a joke,
34 And so what can you do?
35 sWhich is why the Yanks accepted the gift of the Brits,