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12 As everyone knows,
13 Or why would they have told the negroes to sit somewhere else?

1 Kennedy noticed that negroes weren't completely happy,
2 Because about a million of them marched to Washington,
3 aAnd sat right out there in public and everything,
4 To hear a preacher named bMartin Luther King tell them that he had a dream,
5 A dream about equality,
6 Which meant that it was time for negroes to stand up and demand their rights,
7 Nonviolently,
8 cBecause it's better that way,
9 dAnd besides, it's never smart to make the Yanks made by hurting some of them,
10 Which everyone knew,
11 By now.
12 And so Kennedy helped out all he could,
13 By passing a law in Congress that made negroes equal,
14 So that they could be called black people,
15 Instead of negroes,
16 Because white people were called white people,
17 Unless they were called Caucasians,
18 Which they weren't,
19 Or else why would it matter what you called black people,
20 As long as you didn't call them the usual Yank names,
21 Such as nigger,
22 And spade,
23 And coon,
24 And tar baby,
25 And spook,
26 And spear chucker,
27 And colored,
28 And all the other names that Yanks think of first but never use in public anymore because they might sound racist or something,
29 For some reason.

1 And so, the Yanks suddenly had to deal with a bunch of stuff that they thought was settled a long time ago,
2 And what did these people want anyway,
3 And what was so bad about separate but equal,
4 And what about state's rights,
5 And does this mean we can't just string them up to the nearest tree anymore?
6 It turned out that the answers to all these questions were federal laws,
7 And federal troops,
8 And federal programs to help the Yanks do the right thing,
9 Which they didn't want to do, of course,
10 eExcept that by now, they had gotten pretty used to letting the government make the hard decisions,
11 fBecause the government was in charge of equality,
12 gAnd not letting rich people get away with anything,
13 Which turned out to be a relative term,
14 Because compared to black people, most of the white Yanks were rich,
15 And weren't allowed to get away with anything anymore,
16 No matter how many civil rights workers they killed,